Create what I really want to see.

My first typo letter press print. :)

가장 나다운게 진리인것 같다.
Create what I really want to see.
Be truth to myself.
Don't create something to show off.

Letterpress 101 from jmk on Vimeo.

Jason Kim also created a beautiful film about our Letter Press class.I love every detail of the film. Sound, rhythm and colors.
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  1. wow,,,good for you! i'd like to take letterpress class, too. I can feel a pervading atmosphere of warmth.

  2. Yeh. it was fun. Studio was actually cold. ha ha. it reminded of me our old school days.. do you still working on your prints? I hate ink under my finger nails.

  3. Wooot woot! Wonderful Sansu!!