calendar 2011

I made a calendar with my friends, Chiaki Darski, Felicia Hoshino and Ye won Lee
It was a wonderful experience working with my friends !! 
We only printed small amount copies for our family... I will print more next year for you.  :)
You can buy it from Chiaki's Ochard ( She has a few copies left).  Please check out Chiaki's  beautiful cards in the shop.
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  1. Chiaki와 친구군요 wildbrain에서 같이 일했었는데요. 정말 좋은 분이예요. 최근 작업 정말 예뻐요.

  2. yeh, we should all get together when you visit S.F. :)

  3. Hi, Eunju!
    How are you doing?
    What a small world...
    I'm so happy that you are a mother now!

    Sansu, thank you for the promotion!
    When can we meet?

  4. Chiaki, I don't work next Sat. Would you have time? I will send out email to everyone.