Laser cut

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I took a lasercut class and it was so much fun! Also, I feel lucky to have local lasercut company, Ponoko.com in my area.
I fell in love with the medium and I can't wait to explore more.

마침 공짜 클레스가 있어서, 남편에게 아이를 맡기고 한달 해보았는데, 제 작업하고 맞는거 같아요. 콜라주를 하고 싶었는데, 너무너무 손작업하는게 힘들어서 못했는데, 졸립고 피곤하고... 레이저는 돈은 들지만, 작업한것을 맡기면 회사에서 잘라주니 좋네요. 뭘할수 있을지는 모르겠지만, 제가 단순한 모양을 가위로 칼로 오리는것을 좋아하는것 같아요. 


Sleeping Son

I came home late and everyone was in sleep.

Leo woke up in the middle of night and said, " Mommy is here. " Then, he fell back to sleep in my arms.

Looking at my son and  I realize that I need to play hard and make good memories with him. Also, I need to take care of myself too.

제가 지금 할 수 있는게 뭘까 생각해보니, 아이랑 잘 놀아주고 몸관리하고, 좋은 추억 만드는거란 생각이 들어요.
새벽에 일어나 아이 그려봤어요.

제가 늦게 들어가서 아이가 잠드는갈 못보았는데 새벽에 벌떡 아이가 일어나서 제게 안기드니, "엄마 왔구나. " 이러고 품에서 또 잠이 드네요.


Cancer sucks and Art heals

I had an oppertunity to spend my Sunday with special kids who are brave and creative. They are warriors in the fight against cancer. 
Their paintings are lovely and peaceful and joyful. 
Yes, cancer is really suck and art heals. 

I hope we brighten their hearts with art, color and imagination as their art did the same thing to me.


Part of My Heart now in paperback

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Hello Sansu and Mike


Play hard and rest well

I like play , but I don't like competition.  I never liked playing video game when I was little because I didn't like the feeling of winning as well as loosing.
It hurts to see someone get knocked down even in a virtual world.
It feels sad to watch  shows like  Huger game , Battle Royal ,  Chop off  and Iron Chef.
Aesop's fable, Tortoise and Hare should end like this picture if it was my story.
After the good game, and they enjoyed cool breeze together  under the big tree.