Writing a story

My teacher , Alan Schroeder told me one day, " I don't know what you are trying to say in your story."
When I come up with an idea and write a story, I often don't know what I am trying to say  and get lost.
Sometime, the ego destroys my story.
The ego destroys pure joy , personal emotions,  and makes me lost.

"How did I come up wit my  story?" "How did  I feel at that moment?" "What did I want to overcome at that moment?"
I try not to forget the  emotion and the reason when I created a story in the beginning."
"What message do you want to tell in your story?"
I try not to preach or teach anyone. I just want to share my personal experience , emotions and dreams.
I am still learning how to write a good story that touches someone's heart.

My another teacher, Chris Sullivan, asked me one day.
" What is your character to you? " "what is the river in your story? "What is the fish in your story?"
I try to ask myself these questions.

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  1. Excellent! Keep living with the struggle.