on the way to school

I like the little fox eating her lunch ( an acorn) on the way to  school.
I used to walk to my elementary school for 30minutes. Korea is pretty safe for kids to walk.
I remember seeing dragon flies and cosmos flowers on the way. The memories are so vivid, and I feel like I can  still feel air and lights when I was 7. 
I also remember seeing shocking things like my little boy friend peeing on the street and dogs matting...
(Yeh, back then, dogs were free to go out by themselves and come back home for dinner. how nice! )


  1. Wonderful illustration and nice memories Sansu ! Thanks for sharing = )

  2. Fabulous fox, Sansu! I wanted to say that it was so good to see you at the Illustrator's Day this past weekend! Remind me if I was supposed to send you something (a link to something) or some information I mentioned I would send..oh my old age! Always good to see your amazing work..hope you have a great year of fun projects ahead! Shirley

  3. Thank you everyone for your wonderful words!
    Shirley, Good luck with your meeting with the agent. It was so nice to see you at the Illustrator's Day. I hope everything goes well with your future meetings and contracts , and I would love to hear good news! You don't need to send me any information. Lets hang out for lunch when you are free since we live so close together. :D