moon walking

A little tree left his home to find his missing friend who disappeared with sigh of moonlight.
It was hard to move his first root step , but, after few steps, he felt fine.
The moon ,little stars and an old owl guided on the way with their lights and visions.

작은 나무는 달빛의 한숨과  함께 사라진 친구를 찾아서 떠났습니다.
처음 한발자욱을 띄기가 무척 힘들었지만, 몇발자욱 움직였을때 용기가 났습니다.
희미한 달과, 어린 별들 그리고, 늙은 올빼미가 빛이 되어주었습니다.

sometimes i feel missing, but, I am not sure what I am missing.... :)
So, I sent this little tree to find my missing one. -sansu

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  1. Beautiful Story!! Beautiful Illustration!!