cut out portfolio book // illustration day in Fort Mason

I made a portfolio book last night. I came up with "cut out style " and it worked out.
 I would like to make more of this cut out style and it will be fun.
I have received  great comments from   SCBWI illustration day meeting in SF.
I appreciate for everyone who gave me  great critics and it was nice to meet everyone.
Renee Ting ,Kristine Brogno ,John Clapp,Abigail Samoun,Dana Goldberg
Christy Ottaviano
, Barney Salzberg

I should add 5-7 more pictures of this style to  my portfolio.

And,   I want to keep working on it! I want to make new 3-4 pictures every month.
Thank you very much SCBWI and everyone! now, I can sleep tonight in peace.
After the meeting, I went to RNG lounge restaurant in China town with friends.  It was so Delicious!

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  1. It was WONDERFUL to meet you at the SCBWI event yesterday, Sansu. Love your work! Glad to see you here...and best wishes in the future!

  2. Anonymous9/15/2010

    Sansu, this is blades. I absolutely adore your illustrations! They are so charming and whimsical and wonderful. They are so you! Absolutely stunning work. :)

  3. Big fan of your work, Sungyeon!

  4. I love it. It looks like you are entering in the magical world.